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February Founder's Corner Blog

Time is whizzing by, and this forces us to stop and contemplate whether when we leave our physical bodies, will we have helped bettered the world into which we were thrust. Young people likely don't ponder this question. Middle-aged and seniors may. For Sister-to-Sister, Inc. and those incredible women who, along with me, share their time, energy, and spirits growing our Sister Circle, life is about service. Were you to stop and chat with any one of us, you’d clearly see what I mean. Sister Teresa observed that, “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” This amazing woman epitomized love, kindness, grace, and sacrifice.

With help and support, each of us can create gigantic ripples in bettering lives, ours included. While Sister-to-Sister, Inc. could have remained anonymous while continuing to draw Sisters into its Circle simply through word-of-mouth, as we had for twenty-seven years, some recognized that collectively, we must honor a higher calling. This led us to move forward with the laborious tasks of incorporating in Colorado, where the Circle was born, and acquire status as a tax-exempt public charity from the IRS. Over decades, many have found solace within our safe enriching welcoming spaces. Even though we are now using our individual and combined knowledge, talents, and skills to do more in cementing lasting impacts, nothing has changed. We continue to create loving, supportive spaces. Just ask the Sisters who joined us at our January gathering at Sister Cora Faye’s café in person and virtually.

To flourish, souls require constant replenishment. So do spirits. Our brains become stronger with problem-solving. And little is more powerful than synergistic groupthink to identify pressing issues and actions that we can take to resolve them. At the gathering, our collective thoughts and lived experiences offered strength to move further down the path towards demanding and attaining health equity. Join us. You, too, have much to offer! We welcome your help.

Eternally grateful, Velveta

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