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We Are Growing

Expanding Sisterhood through Sister Circles


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Out of One, Many


     A lone, beautiful spark appears in the far-off night sky.  This spark multiplies dancing embers that erupt into glowing flames, birthing a single roaring fire.  Growing embers makes the fire grow hotter and spread boundlessly across the horizon.  The fire sent to guide those in search of hope and purpose burns brightly, though unseen by many.

     Along a mountainside, a weary elder mother and her child have lost their way.  As they move upward blinded by darkness, fear envelops them. Invasive cold dampens the air, shortens their breath, and erodes their spirits. Nearing hopelessness and despair, the companions cry out as they reach the mountaintop and look over into the valley.  From there can be seen the fire creating abundant light, heat, and warmth.   e

     Unveiled piercing majestic light rays bring revelation as elder mother and child near the fire to warm their bodies.  They rejoice for they are no longer lost.  All before hidden comes into view.   As warmth envelops them, the child asks Mother Elder, "Who lit the spark that ignited the embers, creating flames?” Turning to her precious offspring, the wise Elder proclaims, “Child, it does not matter who lit the first spark.  All that matters is that this fire is burning!  Now, we must use the gift from our Creator, to ignite more!”  V.P. Howell, Poet


"May you be  the change you want to see in the world"  Mahatma Gandhi



Community:  Let's Journey Life Together

"Community for Black women is dynamic, emergent, safe, and caring; demands accountability and holds equal the concern for self and others. Black women’s professional and personal relationships with other Black women provide them the tools to survive and thrive… ." Black Women Employed in the Ivory Tower: Connecting for Success, Wilma J. Henry & Nicole M. Glenn, 2009.  Sista Circles:  Black Female Advisors in Courageous Dialogue, Elia Tamplin (February 27, 2019). 

Through Sister (aka,"sista") Circles, Black females historically have found belonging, acceptance, and conscious raising.  Harmonious havens with no demands or attached strings strengthen and provide fortitude required to walk through the world as a Black female. Within Sister-to-Sister: International Network of Professional African American Women, Inc.™ we are "standing together, building communities of Sisterhood, and realizing endless potential!" Sister-to-Sister, Inc. chartered chapters exponentially expand nourishing, supportive, and encouraging communities. We offer a complementary Charter Chapter Formation Toolkit to guide chapter formation. And to supplement this resource, telephone and virtual consultations are available.  To review an overview of the all-in-one Toolkit, left click the PDF below.


Paid members have access to the full Charter Chapter Formation Toolkit here.

​A Call to Action:  Help Us Change Our World

Make a difference for those who follow by creating life enriching spaces that forever enhance spirits. Charter a Sister-to-Sister:  International Network of Professional African American Women, Inc. chapter in your communities. 

  • Create, share and bask in nurturing spaces of calm, restfulness, and peace.

  • Promote Black families' well-being.

  • Train and develop youth.

  • Expand learning.

Will you take the mantle to transform your and others' lives?

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