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Onyx Dada Marketplace

Onyx Dada Marketplace

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The State of Onyx Women-Owned Businesses

In 2018, there were 2.4 million businesses owned by Black women in the U.S. 2019 and subsequent reports reflect that entrepreneurialism remains high in this demographic.  Despite this and that we own, and annually form new, business ventures, those owned by Ebony females are generally small and produce significantly lower revenue than those owned by women representing other demographic groups.  See the attached reports (in pdf format),

"State of Women-Owned Business Reports"

These reports revealed that Black women-owned businesses grew by 50% between 2014 and 2019, the highest among women, generally.  Yet, on average, annual sales are twice as small than Hispanic women's, the next-lowest demographic group.  And, they are almost five times smaller than all women-owned businesses.  As the U.S. Federal Reserve recognizes, channels are sorely needed to support Onyx female entrepreneurism. See national trends at, “State of African American Women-owned Businesses, Rieva Lesonsky (February 25, 2020).  Global data are not readily accessible, however, it is reasonable to infer that  they largely mirror the U.S.'s data and trends.

Sister-to-Sister, Inc's

Commitment to Black Female Entrepreneurialism

Sister-to-Sister: International Network of Professional African American Women, Inc.™ ("Sister-to-Sister, Inc.") envisions 'life enriching spaces' for Sisters (“Dadas” in Swahili).  Such spaces necessitate thriving, both personally and professionally. Dadas’ industrious spirits, expertise, innovativeness, and talents manifest entrepreneurism.  Factors outside their control, however, create immense barriers due to lack of adequate financial capital, low-cost marketing streams, and continuing education to stay ahead of the trends.  All are essential for stability and growth.   Sister-to-Sister, Inc. offers Dada an inexpensive marketing channel to support business ventures through its Onyx Dada Marketplace ("the Marketplace"). Here, entrepreneurial members can market their businesses, professional services, and products.              

Five Reasons to Join the Marketplace

  1. Expand customer/client base.

  2. Acquire greater online visibility. 

  3. Reduce work demands and anxiety.

  4. Share knowledge with and learn from other business owners.

  5. Gain access to business-related programming.


Bountiful Benefits

 from Onyx Dada Marketplace 

  • Inexpensive online marketing of products and services through Sister-to-Sister:  International Network of Professional African American Women, Inc.™ ("Sister-to-Sister, Inc.").

  • Sub-linkage of entrepreneurial members’ business websites (if any) to Sister-to-Sister, Inc.’s Onyx Dada Marketplace.

  • Ability to submit announcements (e.g., specials, sales, events) and associated marketing material links in Sister-to-Sister, Inc.’s monthly and special edition newsletters. 

  • Opportunity for inclusion of promotional offers in Sister-to-Sister, Inc.'s  "Special Deals" website page.

  • Consideration for feature profiles in Sister-to-Sister, Inc.’s "Events" website page.  Third party and self-nominations are accepted.

  • Uploading of business-related videos to Sister-to-Sister, Inc’s. YouTube channel.

  • Access to Sister-to-Sister, Inc. hosted virtual forums for entrepreneurial members,  to discuss business-related issues and share knowledge and experiences.  Sessions may be jointly hosted.

  • Access to, and invitations to present at, Sister-to-Sister, Inc. virtual forums designed for prospective entrepreneurs, who are members.  The forums' primary goal is to provide members feedback and food for thought, on proposed business ideas/plans.  Events may be co-hosted with collaborators.

Terms of Distributorship Arrangements

with Sister-to-Sister, Inc.

Under a one-year, nonexclusive Distributorship Agreement ("the Agreement"), Dadas retain 97% of the income generated through the Marketplace while Sister-to-Sister, Inc. merely receives 3%.  Nonexclusive agreements permit Dadas to utilize any additional marketing channels they wish.   

The Agreement becomes effective on the date signed by the member and a representative of Sister-to-Sister, Inc.  It renews automatically from year-to-year, unless terminated by either party (i.e., Sister-to-Sister, Inc. or entrepreneur), with 90 days’ notice.

Participation Instructions 

After signing the Distributorship Marketing Agreement and submitting a fully completed Member Registration form, online, Sister-to-Sister International, Inc. will process entrepreneurial members’ registrations and, within ten days therefrom, commence marketing members’ products or professional services, as applicable. Dadas are encouraged to offer a discount – of their choice – for personal services, professional services, and products.


Contact us via email at, or telephone us at 1.303.536.1203.

If you are already a Sister-to-Sister, Inc. Member, then

register to become an Onyx Dada Marketplace Vendor.

If you are not yet a Sister-to-Sister, Inc. Member, then

click here to Join Us.

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