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Who We Are

Our History

Sister-to-Sister: International Network of African American Professional Women, Inc.™ is rooted in faith, community, and family.  Originating as Sister-to-Sister, an informal group of ebony women gathered on the fourth Sunday in January 1996, to begin the fulfillment of a revelation that Black women require “enriching life spaces” - spaces that are welcoming, supportive, and fully accepting of individuality - to thrive.  Through synergy of two dozen women 'harmonious' communities where self-care is a must were built.  Our communal spaces are filled with comradery, a rarity in this "hustle-bustle world," where many find it nearly impossible to slow down and enjoy 'no-demands or strings attached' Sisterly relations.

In February 2022, a talented cadre of ten Black women representing diversity of backgrounds, professional, career and volunteer experience, and lived experiences assembled to begin work that would lead to the incorporation of Sister-to-Sister.  Their collective and individual efforts led to the incorporation of our public charity in the spring of 2021. On July 24, 2021, Sister-to-Sister, launched with a celebratory gathering of nearly 100 participants.   Today, we march forward toward the goal of creating enriching life spaces for onyx females, worldwide.

Our 2023 Impact Report


Sister-to-Sister, Inc. is a strategic, forward-looking public charity with a strong brain trust that includes leaders experienced in healthcare, law, academia, business, and public administration. As such, our organization uses three principle strategies to direct its limited human, financial, and technology resources for maximum impact: education, collaboration-building, and empowerment. We are proud to share our 2023 Impact Report. Review it by selecting the "Sister-to-Sister, Inc_Imapct Report 2023.pdf"  document below.







Our Secret Sauce for Longevity

When learning of Sister-to-Sister, Inc.’s "drama-free" longevity through word-of-mouth, it's not uncommon for Sisters to ask for the secret sauce.  This sauce has essential ingredients.  They include mixing together cups of nurturing, encouragement, fun times, and rare chances to let down defenses.  Thrown in is a pinch of love to sweeten the dish.  Our secret sauce is delicious and filling!     


Sister-to-Sister: International Network of Professional African American Women, Inc.™ pays homage to Sisters, who have earned their wings. From its founding in January 1994, and over subsequent decades, these beloved Sisters shared of themselves through selfless generosity, guiding wisdom, knowledge, and joyful spirits.  Each opened her heart and home to Sister Circle members. For you, we are eternally grateful.  Your brilliant lights will shine forever!


Gladys Johnson, Native South Carolinian

M. Jane Dolphy Taylor, Native Connecticuter

Mary Gordon, Native South Carolinian

Jeannette Tatum, Native Louisianan

Brenda Breland, Native Californian

Malaika Pettigrew, Native Missourian

Sandra Banks, Native Kentuckian

Marcia Walker, Nebraskan

Dellgratia (“Dell”) Nichols , South Carolinian

Pamela Cole, Missourian

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