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Member Benefits

Regular Membership Benefits

Sister-to-Sister:  International Network of Professional African American Women, Inc. offers a diverse array of wholistic benefits, including:

  • A nurturing "no demands" community.

  • Social connectivity within welcoming environments.

  • Personal and professional networking. 

  • *Venues to showcase creativity, knowledge, and skills through blogs, videos, podcasts, writings, and works of art.

  • *A business marketing platform for entrepreneurs.

  • *Access to private social media platforms to discuss thought-provoking subjects impacting Black communities, women, family, and children, along with other topics of interest.

  • Resources to enhance health and wellness.

  • Access to Black women-owned businesses and professional services.

  • *Personal profile features and business spotlights opportunities.

  • *Opportunities to nominate and honor unsung Black SHEROES.

  • Discounts on career development training and travel.

  • *Online learning resource portals, including links to thousands of free classes from top-rated educational institutions, to promote personal and career growth.

  • *Members-only education forums.

  • Volunteer opportunities to make a difference in lives.

*Asterisks indicate those benefits reserved for paid members.

Membership Provides Opportunities to...
Positively impact lives through shared knowledge, expertise, and skills.
Lead in forming 'life enriching' Sister Circles for generations.
Develop enduring and supportive relationships with no "meetings," or other demands.
Share ORIGINAL cultural arts (e.g., paintings, digital photography, sculptures, quilting, etc.), simultaneously broadening 'audiences of admirers.'
Publish ORIGINAL thought-provoking writings (e.g., blogs, essays, and articles, and increase readership.
Network to expand social and professional connections.
Gain career development guidance and access members-only job portal. (UNDER DEVELOPMENT)
Expand personal and professional growth-building knowledge with access to hundreds of free online courses and Sister-to-Sister, Inc.-produced webinars, featuring industry experts.
Publish ORIGINAL poetry, recordings, digital photography, and YouTube videos.
Acquire wider audiences for self-produced podcasts.
Share podcasts featuring yourself AND female relatives.
Expand entrepreneurism with increased visibility of businesses, commercial products, and professional services.
Access low-cost marketing platform to advertise, expand clientele, and increase sales of goods and services via the Onyx Dada Marketplace.
Honor unsung SHEROES (i.e., Sisters Here and Elsewhere:  Replenishing, Offering, Encouraging and Supporting) who have a difference in your and/or others' lives, via online feature profiles.  
Access members-only resource libraries, including one focused on and expressly designed for Ebony children and youth.

Paid Members access your ADDITIONAL Benefits in more detail here.

Memberships                                            Proration of Income
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