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Our Section 501(c)(3) public charity, Sister-to-Sister: International Network of Professional African American Women, Inc.™ primarily focuses on uplifting and serving the interests of Ebony females (Regular Members). We are pleased, however, to also welcome all youth, students, males, and advocates/supporters, as well as corporate and organizational members.

Membership Categories

Sister-to-Sister: International Network of Professional African American Women, Inc.™ is a one-of-its-kind Colorado incorporated, public charity designed to strengthen and enhance the lives of women and girls through broadened resilience, education, training, leadership development, networking, and entrepreneurial support. An inclusive community welcoming diversity, Sister-to-Sister, Inc. also offers membership opportunities for males and persons of non-African lineage.


Membership becomes effective on the date of payment on our website and continues through the next consecutive twelve (12) months.  Members must join online using PayPal or any major credit card.  Membership of students approved for zero cost dues becomes effective upon their completion and submission of a registration form provided by Sister-to-Sister, Inc.

Regular Membership $25.00, annually (automatic renewal unless canceled)


Regular Memberships are open to females with ancestral roots in the African Continent, including biracial females, who: 1) share a commitment to Sister-to-Sister, Inc.'s purpose, vision, and mission; and 2) embrace our core values.  Regular Membership entitles members to all benefits outlined below.

Youth Membership $5.00, annually (automatic renewal unless canceled)​


Middle through high school-age students are eligible for Youth Memberships. Members may participate in youth development training sessions offered by Sister-to-Sister, Inc. Those in this membership category will also be invited to youth-focused events and activities.

Student & Recent Graduates Membership $10.00, annually (automatic renewal unless canceled)​


Student Membership is open to female and male students currently enrolled in any post-high school educational program (vocational program, two or four- year college, graduate school, or a professional school) . Further, individuals who graduated within three (3) years prior to their online registration are eligible for Recent Graduates Memberships.

Students enrolled either part-time or full-time in an educational program are eligible to join at no cost for up to four (4) years. To apply for no-cost membership, students must submit a written statement not to exceed 250 words to, describing why they are interested in joining Sister-to-Sister, Inc. 

Advocate & Supporter Membership $25.00, annually (automatic renewal unless canceled)​

Individuals supporting Sister-to-Sister, Inc.'s vision, mission, purpose, and core values are invited to join. Advocate/Supporter Membership offers many of the same benefits as those provided Regular Members. The provision of "safe spaces" necessitates that our public charity limit certain gatherings, events, and activities to this membership category. Event announcements will designate those reserved for it.   

Corporate/Organization Membership $500.00, annually (automatic renewal unless canceled)


Sister-to-Sister, Inc. welcomes corporations and organizations that wish to support our vision, mission, purpose, and core values. Corporate & Organizations (Sponsor) Membership benefits include publication of Sponsors' names and contact information in the "Sponsor" section of our website and in its monthly newsletters, and marketing materials. Additionally, Sponsors will receive invitations to all major events, for up to two of their representatives.  Our events will offer different levels of sponsorship opportunities. Depending on the level supported, additional benefits will be made available (e.g., inclusion of Sponsor's name in event programs and marketing materials, an increased number of event invitations for representatives).    

For questions or further information, please contact us at or 1.303.536.1203.  ​​

Member Benefits                                                                                  Proration of Income
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