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February Founder's Corner Blog

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

This month, the U.S. and places elsewhere celebrate Black history. Notwithstanding that February is one out of twelve months when our peoples’ history is celebrated, we in the Sister Circle understand that every month of the year reflects a tribute to the contributions made by our forebearers since human life began on Earth. If you find yourselves in a moment of doubt because you have allowed someone to make you feel lesser than, just google contributions to the world made by those of African heritage, including African Descendants of Slavery (ADoSs). Be sure to check out authoritative sources rather than ones that suggest that no such contributions exist. They do in every aspect of life, whether it be law, medicine, architecture, the arts, entertainment, the sciences, inventions [without which life cannot be imagined, or sports. The greatest contribution was the birth of humankind in the African continent.

You may be old enough to recall, “I’m Black and I’m Proud!”, a song written and recorded by the incomparable James Brown. I have fond memories of boogeying to the God Father of Soul’s music as a young child. I did not then understand why this testament to the loveliness of our Blackness was needed. Nor do I now. My pride in my caste and culture – created out of nothingness – could not be greater. This is not to diminish or look down upon any others. For our diversity displays the beauty of a woven quilt, each piece eloquently giving voice to the fact that sameness is bleak and colorless.

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