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April Founder's Corner Blog

Nothing is more precious than life. Simply living is not enough. Essential is quality of life. Our health determines well-being. Unfortunately, access to good healthcare is not equal. Racism, both conscious and unconscious, plays a major role in such inequality. Albeit a hard truth to acknowledge, it must be spoken. So much racial and ethnic disparities in health and healthcare must be addressed for 'impactful change requires action.' Though smaller than many organizations that are on the front lines, Sister-to-Sister, Inc. is mighty in spirit. We are members of the troupe that are working towards eradicating racial and ethnic disparities and Black maternal and infant mortality and morbidity.

Sister-to-Sister, Inc. is up to bat at home plate with the bases loaded. Supported by our sponsors, donors, and collaborating partners, we are preparing to hit the ball out of left field! This analogy recognizes that nothing of importance can be done alone. When one determined player commits to advancing equity, joining compatriots with mutually shared goals that are already on the field makes the impossible possible. To our benefactors and partners, we thank you for your support!



Velveta Golightly-Howell, CEO

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