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Template Page

Sister-to-Sister website "Template" page.

This page is a "starter page" for adding new pages to the website. It uses the default font, "Avenir Light" with font size 20. This paragraph uses the default "bold heading" which is "centered" on the page"


This is the Sister-to-Sister: International Network of Professional African American Women, Inc.™ (“Sister-to-Sister International, Inc.”) default 'body text" using  font, "Avenir Light" with font size 20. The paragraph margins are "justified" on left and right margin edges. 

To create a new page...

Access the "Menus & Pages" option, on the left column of editor icons. Click on the "TemplatePage", click the three dots "...", to the right of "TemplatePage", and click "Duplicate". At this point, enter the name of the new page, where the cursor is automatically positioned, and press enter.

Again, click the three dots "...", to the right of the new page name, and clik "SEO Basics". Change the "url slug" to match the new page name. Replace all spaces in the new page name with dashes. e.g. "new page" to "new-page".


​Within the new page, change the page header from "Template Page" to an appropriate name for this new page.

Of course, appropriate links will need to be added to point to the new page wherever required.


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