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October Founder's Corner Blog

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Each of us is worthy, and we matter. Without meaning to, it's easy to rob ourselves of this knowledge, leading to a lack of self-confidence. Why allow your self to feel undeserving of blessings? Why bow to a dampening of spirits, thinking that you haven't gone as far you once thought that you would? Why steep yourself in despair by thinking it's too late to accomplish your goals? Depression, anxiousness, and discouragement will come if you do. Most likely we've all felt such emotions. That doesn't matter. What matters is that we move past them.

Not comparing ourselves to others is one of the best ways of bolstering our psyches. Promote well-being by refusing to play this absurd mind game. Yes, letting go is more easily said than done. Society perpetuates desire of fame, fortune, and prestige. Virtually all are beyond our reach. Nevertheless, we're drawn into TV Ads and magazines featuring purported ideas of beauty (e.g., youth, thinness, charismatic, and physical attractiveness). Youth is fleeting. So is thinness, and physical attraction. And charisma is rare!

My advice. Turn off the TV, put away the magazines. Meditate on the beauty of surrounding nature. Breathe. Treat yourself with kindness. You are ‘divinely’ designed!

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