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March Founder's Corner Blog

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

It’s Women’s History Month – a time set aside in the U.S. to honor women who have made positive differences in the lives of other people. If we were to look at history books, we’d find few Black women recognized as significant contributors, worthy of honor. Innumerable women with roots in the Mother Land have selflessly enriched lives. Most are unknown. Sister-to-Sister, Inc. created the SHEROEs Program, conceptualized by Sister Gwendolyn Mami, J.D., M.S., a former member of our Board of Directors. We are honored to recognize women who have touched so many throughout their lives. Please check out the SHEROEs Program Page to learn about our 2021 honorees. You’re invited to nominate 2022 candidates, both living and deceased. The nomination form is on the SHEROEs page.

I appreciate this opportunity to recognize a woman of distinction who never sought acclaim – Clarice Golightly-Jenkins, Ph.D., M.S.N., B.S.N. Col., U.S. Army (ret’d.) my “big Sis.” Her degrees appear behind Clarice’s name simply to convey how Clarice actualized caring, commitment, and generosity. From childhood, Sis knew that she would become a nurse and a leader. With bachelor and master’s degrees in nursing and a Ph.D. in leadership studies, she accomplished both goals, and much more. Sis was outgoing and gregarious. Six feet tall, regal, and beautiful, she commanded attention when entering a room. Like our mother, she always carried herself with grace and decorum – even at the most upsetting and unsettling moments in her life.

It may have been easy to resent my big Sis as younger siblings sometimes do. For me, however, Clarice was my role-model, someone to whom I looked for guidance and help, when needed. She always lent a hand – a slight smile crested at the corners of her lips. Her ability to calm nerves was uncanny. She made me see that the world would not end because I failed to overcome an obstacle. Clarice passed away last year, suddenly. In the blink of eye, she was gone, devastating me! While I felt like wallowing in sadness, her voice, which continues to resonate in my mind, said, “I’m at peace so you get up and get going.” Whether biologically related or not, honor women whose love embraces/has embraced you.

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