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June Founder's Corner Blog

These past months reminded me of how crucial community is. We inhabitants of Earth must look beyond our own circumstances to commune with others. As human beings, we can easily think only of ourselves. I and my siblings were in “community”, surrounded by those who were giving and caring like our parents. It seemed no matter the obstacles, they garnered strength to commune with and help one another. Whether sharing groceries, helping with home maintenance projects, fixing cars, or something else, they were always there. The memories on “community” manifestation" are plentiful.

Imbued with a sense of “community” from birth, I try hard to pass it on. In society's disruptive “craziness”, at times I question whether “community” still exists. This question is illusory at best. I hold tightly to models of “community” from my youth. One could as whether it is worth investing in the construction of community. To it, I scream, "Yes!" Community is all around us and is seen through persons dedicated to preserving it. Gratefully, I pay homage to a few of them.

Historic private Colorado screenings of the chilling documentary "Aftershock" began with Sister-to-Sister-Inc. seeking out and forming collaborative partnerships to bring them to fruition. What began as a small flicker in one person's mind soon burst into a flame!

All of these super busy practitioners of medicine, racial justice, law, media, nursing, reproductive health, and an president and chief executive officer of a prominent health-related nonprofit organization shared their time, knowledge, and professional experiences to bring into public view the crises of Black maternal and infant mortality and morbidity. Collectively and individually, they represent "community." To them, Sister-to-Sister, Inc. remains eternally grateful.

Photographed left to right Ms. Sheila Davis, MD; Ms. Amina Del Pino Jones, MD; Ms. Brigitte McClellan, PsyD; Ms, Sharlea Darda, M.D.; Ms. Leslie Appiah, MD; Ms. Michele Simpson, JD; Ms. Deidra Johnson, MBA; Ms. Katrina C. Little, MSN & Rising PhD; Ms. Chandra Thomas Whitfield; Ms. Portia Prescott; and Ms. Grace Wan, MD. Not photographed is Ms. Dani Newsum, JD.

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