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January Founder's Corner Blog

Lest We Forget from where We come

Each New Year, many make resolutions, pledging not to overeat, lose weight, or visit the gym, at least twice a week. Been there, done that. Within a month or so, resolutions fly out the window into the hemisphere, never to be thought of again. Rather than making pledges that won't be kept, you're invited to look forward, as the New Year brings with it opportunities to better society and communities in simple ways; e.g., sponsor an underprivileged child, visit likely lonely nursing home residents, and send greetings to persons in your inner circle.

The mission of Sister-to-Sister: International Network of Professional African American Women, Inc. ("Sister-to-Sister, Inc." and its predecessor, "Sister-to-Sister") is to advance equity by uplifting mind, body, and soul, while teaching, inspiring, and learning, collectively. Last year, we widened our Sister Circle to offer these benefits and chances to learn through the Circle with cultural immersion.

Twenty-nine years ago, on January 17, 1994, the day before the ninth anniversary of enacted legislation recognizing The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's ("MLK, Jr.'s") birthday as a national holiday, Dr. King - the man - and his birthday should have the same special meaning for every adult in America, as it does for us. Grace birthed our Sister Circle. And we in Sister-to-Sister, Inc. model ourselves after the dignity, decorum, fortitude, and commitment to service shown by him. Taking a single step at a time, Sister-to-Sister has moved forward over decades with authentic love, knowing that the destination purposed is on the horizon. Join us by volunteering. inviting others into the Circle, and/or paying the $25.00, annual dues.

MLK, Jr. Day is not for rest, alone. It is a time of remembrance of Dr. King's legacy and sacrifices of other brave souls, who stood for equality and justice. A time to pay their contributions forward.


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