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December Founder's Corner Blog

The holidays are here. And it’s the time of perpetual busyness. Once upon a time, families and friends sat down to break bread together. Worship. Enjoy fellowship. Serve those most in need. And just be. No more, though. The crowds rushing about in malls and storefronts can overwhelm spirit. Pushing, jousting, searching for gifts of the latest fad. Next holiday season, these fads will be passé, tossed aside, and forgotten. Let’s slow down and focus on someone other than ourselves. Take a moment to look into the eyes of those homeless souls lying on the streets outside in wintry cold. Stop treating them with disgust. Instead, share a smile, and if your heart so leads, a hot drink, warm coat, or gift card to buy a meal. Although it’s hard to imagine life on the street, alone without anyone who cares whether you live, consider this. Life happens! But for the grace of the Most High go you or I.

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