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International Network of Professional African American Women, Inc.

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Resilient “Sisterhood” 

Sister-to-Sister: International Network of Professional African American Women, Inc.™ (Sister-to-Sister, Inc.)

understands that Sisterhood doesn't require shared genes. Bloodlines don't determine who are our Sisters.  With no strings attached, shared authenticity frees us to build trust, acknowledge our fears and flaws, create and celebrate happy times, and support each other, whenever needed.  A community strengthens required resilience to ready the field for those coming behind.  We stand on the shoulders of communities of Sisters whose beaming lights have guided our paths.

Letting go of facades and code-switching, we create long-lasting, positive relationships that withstand the test of time.  Our Sister Circle rejects  jealousy, resentment, envy, and any other negative emotion that can  separate us.  Classism, educational attainment, materialism, and career status are irrelevant as we focus on "wholeness." Joined spirits, diversity of thought, backgrounds, and lived experiences expand our view of the world. Our sameness and uniqueness encourages collective and individualized learning and self-growth, while commitment to serving others forges 'life enriching spaces" for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

    Black Women Power Change...
It's Time We Empowered Them

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Sister-to-Sister, Inc.

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