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The Meaning of “Sisterhood” 


We in Sister-to-Sister:  International Network of Professional American American Women, Inc. (Sister-to-Sister, Inc.) know that Sisterhood does not require shared genes. Bloodlines, alone, don't dictate choices of who are our Sisters.  Rather, when we share our authenticity, we are freed to trust, acknowledge our fears and flaws, commune in happy times, and lean on each other when we need support.  It's through trust and reliance that we become stronger and ready the field for those who are coming behind.  After all, we've been blessed to stand on the shoulders of many who preceded us.

Letting go of binding facades, we are able to create long-lasting, positive relationships that will withstand the test of time.  Within our Sister Circle, we refused to allow  jealousy, resentment, or envy separate us.    Nor do we bow to classism, level of education, materialism, or career status.  After all, we're simply human with all of our own idiosyncrasies.  Joining our beautiful spirits, diversity of thought, backgrounds, and lived experiences expands our view of this world.  Together, we'll use our sameness and our uniqueness to promote learning, growth, and opportunity by forging 'life enriching spaces for ourselves and our "girls."  



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